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A: Not at all!

Tire Defender with Puncture Safe™ Technology does not hide or disguise dangerous punctures. Throughout the world, Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology is used and has been relentlessly tested within our company and those tests show that Tire Defender will not seal a tire if the puncture it has sustained would weaken the inner structure of the tire to a point of danger. Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology does not have a history failings that have been present in the products of competitors. Traditional tire sealants have a history of drying and balling up in the tire, as well as the inability to seal small holes in high speed tires. Another danger in traditional tire sealants has been when a large dangerous cut or hole is sealed and that seal contains large chunks of chopped up rubber. Thankfully, Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology consists of small locks of coarse surface synthetic fibers, which are interlocked together to be stronger than steel. Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology will only seal small holes formed by up to 6mm-in-diameter punctures, and only in holes on the tire’s tread that are shrinking because of a lack of cord damage/rubber recovery which on average accounts for 95% of high-speed tire punctures today. Does that make Tire Defender ineffective for larger punctures or the other 5% of the time? No, when your tire experiences any larger puncture, or puncture in the sidewall (with or without damage to the cord), the Tire Defender’s fibers slowly permeate the hole, allowing for controlled defamation and allow for a controlled slow down in air pressure loss (depending on the amount of cord damage) for air pressure loss at lower levels of 10 to 15 psi. This slow down or halt in pressure loss prevents rim damage and helps the car’s driver drive with control for a longer time, which contributes to the driver’s ability to continue driving to a safe location. When a tire treated with Tire Defender experiences a dangerous puncture, Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology creates the situation for the tire to slowly “bleed” air, which gives the driver additional minutes to steer the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop without the fear of having their vehicle in a precarious situation or location. Because of this safety feature, Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology reduces the likelihood of potential blowouts or escalating danger with blowouts. Security fleets rely on Tire Defender because of its level of safety and reliability as well as the cost savings and ability to extend the life of the tire.


Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology is utilized in almost every pneumatic tire helping vehicles in fleets around the globe ride easy for millions of miles with peace of mind regarding regarding tire failure and without negatively impacting the tires or rims. Prior to installation on low-profile, high performance tires, please contact Tire Defender’s technical department.

A: Never!

The technologically advanced seal and curing traits of Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology prove that the rust inhibiting system specially protects steel belts against corrosion and rust. Because Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology can cure within a puncture, the steel belts are protected from possible outside contaminants. Tire Defender is the only product with this proprietary capability.

A: Absolutely!

All retreading processes are compatible with tires that have been treated with Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology. Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology adds to the life of tires by slowing the aging process. Tires treated with Tire Defender display better rubber resilience than those that are untreated AND increase the casing’s ability to actually be retreaded. Because of the possibility of retreading with a Tire Defender-treated tire, this retread ability provides a lower cost per mile. Professional retread companies certify the soundness of the casing, as well as the retread ability.


Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology works in tube and tubeless tires to seal in punctures provided there is rubber recovery and the puncture is not dangerous. Because a tube made of rubber and synthetics, it is very unreliable. The tube’s wall thickness is not constructed uniformly and the rubber content is highly important because of elasticity and rubber recovery. If a tube lacks a minimum amount of natural rubber then it cannot recover after a puncture is made. Of utmost importance is rubber recovery, as that is what ensures a positive, secure seal. When Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology is installed within a tube, the probability of punctures decreases. However, the tube’s seal is temporary. At high speeds, tubes are known to move within the tire if the object puncturing the tire remains in the tire and tube, which can cause a rip within the tube. At this point, Tire Defender may not be able to sustain the pressure. For this reason, Tire Defender believes nails need to be removed routinely and each tire’s air pressure needs to be consistently at maximum PSI to reduce tube movement or squirming. Also, punctures of tubes can appear larger than the puncturing object and it is important to note that tubes are more prone to ripping.

A: No, there is so much more to Tire Defender…

Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology goes beyond pre-emptive already applied emergency sealant for damaged tires – Tire Defender provides preventative maintenance as a tire additive with a primary design goal of being utilized BEFORE an emergency – before a tire receives a puncture or before tires are operated while under-inflated. When Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology is installed in the tire, the car is driven for three to five miles (although Tire Defender still works even if car is not driven immediately). Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology requires a time for initial conditioning of the tire, which allows it to perform its preliminary functions. Tire Defender will coat the majority of the inner surfaces of the tire during this initial time. When your tire is punctured, the Tire Defender coating wraps round the object causing the puncture. When the puncturing object comes out or is removed, Tire Defender with Puncture Safe™ Technology descends into the puncture because of the current from the escaping air, which causes the puncture to close (via rubber recovery) and utilizing the Tire Defender seal. As the seal cures, the Tire Defender protects the inner tire as it becomes non water-soluble, which safeguards it from outside contaminants. Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology can only be as strong as the tire itself – it will not disguise or hide dangerous punctures/issues.

A: YES!…

Our in-house testing proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology can eliminate air migration and porosity. Even though Tire Defender maintains correct air pressure automatically, we highly recommend that each time you take a trip, you inspect your tires visually as well as conduct air pressure checks with regular maintenance services.

A: YES!…

The aging of the inner structure of the tire is slowed down by use of Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology, according to our in-house testing. Testing also shows a reduction of heat and decreasing/elimination of migrating air which also is directly shown to correlate with the extension of tire and casing life.

A: It can…

While Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology can seal sidewall punctures, it is important to remember that Tire Defender is not designed to hide or disguise a dangerous puncture. Because sidewalls are much thinner than the other parts of the tire, the flexing will cause the tire to lose some air – even with some degree of rubber recovery. If there is no damage, it is possible to seal the puncture permanently, however it is also plausible that even if there is severe damage to the sidewall, a controlled deflation will occur, which allows the driver to power the vehicle to a safe location. Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology is used worldwide for vehicles to travel many miles after tires have undergone multiple small punctures to the sidewall.

A: It will…

Tire Defender warranties our Tire Defender Tire Life Extender/Sealer for the tire’s legal tread life. Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology always provides tire protection. It has not failed. Tire Defender’s tried-and-true proprietary formula guarantees the sealant will endure both heat and the sheer and stress from the rotating tire/rim’s centrifugal force. Tire Defender’s qualities and endurance is not adversely impacted by vehicle speed, travel distance or the passing of time.


The Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology formula is thixotropic and should not ever separate. Because of our thorough in-house testing, we have proven it does not ball up or separate yet remains in a thixotropic state. Other tire sealant companies and their marketing departments claim their sealant must be mixed or stirred prior to the application to the tire. Their need to stir and mix does not prove their product’s reliability. Also, when other companies say this, they may claim that once the sealant is installed into the tire, that the rotation of the tire combined with the rim/tire assembly will act as a mixer and maintain the product’s “mixed” state. However, that is false. Centrifugal force which is created by the rotation of the tire/rim permanently separates solids from liquids. So normal use of these types of inferior products renders them ineffective in a very short time period.

A: Not at all.

Our equipment is specialized and guarantees only a small amount of air will leak during the install process – usually only a few pounds – which can be immediately re-installed upon the completion of the application. However, if using the DIY bottle, know that that does require full tire deflation before application. That is the only exception to the above statement.

A: Yes.

If stored in the original containers with factory seal in place and out of direct sunlight, Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology guarantees its effectiveness for at least five years.

A: NO!

It is impossible for Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology to be the cause of an out of balance tire situation. As long as the tire and rim are correctly balanced before Tire Defender installation and neither tire nor rim is out of round, there should be zero change in tire performance. Tire Defender is not an agent to balance tires or rims. If there is a balance issue prior to application, Tire Defender may make the driver more aware of the previous situation. In fact, Tire Defender’s ability to aggravate the issue will alert drivers to the safety issue of a definite rim, tire or suspension problem.


Our Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology formula is completely safe and compatible with all the tire components of any tire.

A: No!

Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology has a built-in system to constantly work to prevent corrosion or rust. While Tire Defender is not able to eliminate or remove pre-existing rust or corrosion, Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology can, in effect, neutralize its potency and prevent all additional damage.


Tire Defender’s formula is devoid of chemical or adhesives that alter your tire’s integrity and function. Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology is completely soluble in water in its liquid state. When applied and set, it is even possible to easily remove it from the tire’s interior. For any and all major repairs, just clean the puncture area with a semi-wet cloth, wipe til dry and then commence with repairs.

A: No!

Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology does not flow or move like water. It is a viscous gel-like liquid. Almost 85% of the minimum application quantity covers the inner surface of each tire. The 15% that remains is considered “reserve,” because it does settle to the bottom of the tire only when the tire is stationary. When a tire contains Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology, it can still be dismounted without the fear of any splash because of product at the bottom. If the tire mechanic breaks the bead before releasing all the tire’s air, the Tire Defender around the bead/rim tries to keep the air from escaping, which results in a small quantity of Tire Defender relating, right as the bead separates from the rim. In order to prevent this from occur-ring, release all the air pressure before breaking the bead. When your mechanic fully comprehends the very basic handling of Tire Defender this is not a problem.

A: YES and NO!

Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology works to seal punctures based on the measurement of the size of the puncturing object, not the actual size of the puncture itself. No matter how tiny a puncture is, if the object puncturing the tire causes extensive damage to the the tire’s integrity, the tire will not stop bleeding air and Tire Defender. This is actually a safety mechanism inherent in the design and formula of Tire Defender. Tire Defender’s High Speed Grade seals punctures made by objects up to 6mm in diameter, while our Medium Speed Grade does the same for objects up to 15mm. The Extra Heavy Duty Slow Speed Grade of Tire Defender is specially designed for slow moving off-road vehicles and can seal punctures cause by objects up to 10mm in diameter for small tires (such as golf carts), 20mm for farm tractors and up-to 30mm on giant tires. Tire Defender’s effectiveness for punctures of varying sizes does depend on the size and quality of the tire, along with the grade which is applied.

A: Both Yes and No!

We’ve seen the tire industry claim that “permanent repair” means a tire repair which is permanently attached to the area that was punctured by use of adhesive or vulcanization. Our Tire Defender seals are positive, secure seals which remain airtight for the tire’s life – Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology is not an adhesive or a glue. The one-of-its-kind formula is made to bleed air and Tire Defender IF a tire receives major damage to the structure. Therefore, for the safety of the driver, passengers, vehicle and others on the roadways, the permanency of a Tire Defender seal is definitely dependent on the integrity of the tire.


One of Tire Defender’s patented attributes is its ability to cure within the actual puncture and become non water-soluble. This one-of-a-kind feature is a phenomenon and why Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology can permanently prevent corrosion on steel belts – because it protects the tire from outside moisture and unknown contaminants that could leach into the puncture site as the vehicle continues to be driven.


Most of the time, Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology exceeds a patch in value be-cause Tire Defender is PREVENTATIVE. A patch is something applied after a tire has become flat and most of the time, has been driven on flat for some amount of distance. When someone drives on a flat radial tire – even when it isn’t driven on for a long distance – that creates massive damage to the tire internally which is unable to be reversed and typically is not noticed by any mechanic or repair person. We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For Tire Defender customers, that means preventative maintenance of applying Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology to a tire is safer and better than repairing the tire after the puncture or is-sue arises. We believe this gives a huge benefit to Tire Defender users as an enhancement to their safety, their vehicle’s safety and their tire’s safety – utilizing Tire Defender Tire Life Extend-er/Sealer is also superior to a patch because a patch can actually fail because of heat. The Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology seal is actually enhanced by the heat.

A: No!

The Tire Defender’s unique chemical makeup creates a unique gel state via a formula that appears to defy the science of gravity – which allows it to cling to more of the inner surface of the tire/rim. The formula is adhesive-free and Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology causes no chemical changes to the tire. This unique ability to cover more of the tire’s inner surface is one of Tire Defender’s well-guarded secrets.

A: NO!

Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology does not freeze when installed on a vehicle in cold climates.

A: No!

Tire Defender’s implementation process has been professionally designed to be easy to use. For installation of Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology in the tires of an average passenger vehicle or light-weight truck, you need less than two minutes per tire. And a large truck? You need just about five minutes per tire.


For Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology to coat the entire inner area of the tire and have a 15% reserve, it is important to calculate BEFORE the application of Tire Defender. What do you calculate?You need to know the total inner tire/rim inner surface area, add them all up and then use the amount of Tire Defender needed per tire/rim assembly.

A: YES! 

The modern tracking system for air pressure is not impacted by the use of Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology because modern TPMS systems are sealed units not impacted by liquids.


Run-flat tires are very expensive and typically have to be discarded after running flat. Using Tire Defender with Puncture SafeTM Technology would protect them from punctures.